5 ways how self organisation improves your private life

Matt Hallmann
4 min readNov 18, 2020

When we think of concepts like self organisation or self management, these two terms are used interchangeable very often, we tend to think only about the effect they have on our work life. But very often there is spillover to the rest of our life, that isn’t that separate from our work life these days anymore as it used to be, let’s say 20 or even 10 years ago. Just like many of us see blurred lines occur between private and work, the pathways that self organisation offers us to deal with tensions or problems, can easily be used at home in different environment. Even more so: the practise of self organisation will inevitably lead to these new habits and pathways at home, since practising self organisation changes our thinking.

Since I started working in a Holacratic company in 2014, I’ve noticed some important things:

  • Work life and private life are becoming more and more connected
  • Things we learn in our work life can easily be applied in our private life
  • The pathways Holacracy offers, are not limited to the work life
  • Holacracy doesn’t just teach pathways, it teaches a structural different way of thinking

This leads to what I see, as a richer, more efficient, stress free and distraction free (private) life. So what are some of the things that might happen? I can only share what I noticed over the years, but in many trainings and coaching sessions, I’ve seen the same patterns occur with others.

You think about tensions and real reasons

I remember well how I used to fight with my partner. Arguments could be long and tiresome and get off track very easily. I also remember how I started to think more and more in terms of ‘tension’ (a person’s felt sense that there is a gap between the current reality and a potential future). In “arguments”, I would then build on what I’ve learnt at the office, asking myself useful questions like ‘what is your tension’ and ‘what do you need’. Reflecting on myself, every time I felt a tension, had a beautiful effect on my private life. A better and more clear understanding of what was really happening and, a solution that would be a first step, even if just a small one, towards solving that tension…

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