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The New Yorker recently published an article in the Cultural Comment sections, about the potential toxic downside of using communication tools like Slack. Under the title ‘Slack Is the Right Tool for the Wrong Way to Work’, Cal Newport, professor of computer science at Georgetown University, talks about his experience with a London startup that decided to switch communications to Slack. Of course very soon everything starts to go from bad to worse. Before the start-up knows what hit it, it ends in a overloaded, stressed out situation. And guess what, abandoning Slack is the only option left.

The article…

For most of us, it is already challenging enough to manage one team in one location. Having multiple remote teams or offices creates complications, but also creates opportunity. Growth and internationalisation brings bliss, but very often also leads to problems and challenges that are there to overcome. Mostly, these challenges will revolve around these topics:

  • Communication
  • Performance
  • Company culture

While not all topics might be relevant for you now, most of them will be a talking point, felt tension or issue at some point. In itself, setting up and having one or more remote teams can already stretch the capabilities…

Measuring processes of change is difficult and many companies don’t do it, exactly because of the complexity of it. But with increasing data drivenness and decreasing tolerance for gut feelings, organisations do feel the need to validate the effort they are putting into organisational changes. At every event where I speak, there is at least one person who asks the following: did adopting Holacracy make your company a better company? The honest answer is: I don’t know. But reflecting on this question has given me insights that are valuable when you want to measure Change Management.

In the end, it…

One cannot help but wonder why self organisation in general and Holacracy specifically, does take off in one country but does not find a following in others In counties where self organisation does take off, very often you will find consulting companies offering help with the implementation, meetups and established practitioners sharing their knowledge. And then on the other hand, in countries where self organisation is virtually unheard of, there will be no resources whatsoever on how to self organise. To be fair: there is also a big amount of countries in the middle, with some elements of a thriving…

When we think of concepts like self organisation or self management, these two terms are used interchangeable very often, we tend to think only about the effect they have on our work life. But very often there is spillover to the rest of our life, that isn’t that separate from our work life these days anymore as it used to be, let’s say 20 or even 10 years ago. Just like many of us see blurred lines occur between private and work, the pathways that self organisation offers us to deal with tensions or problems, can easily be used at…


Some of us are lucky enough to do one Holacracy implementation and see, understand and feel the joy, challenges and hardships that come with it. Getting your team or company ready for self organisation is not easy. It’s hard and requires dedication and focus.

I’ve been extra lucky, to have been a part of one organisation transforming towards self organisation on two different occasions, holding two different positions, in two different countries. …

To run far you need to plan well

I’ve been enviously thinking about Christina Wodtke and how she’s been able to use personal OKRs in her favour. I first read her post on personal OKRs about two years ago, and ever since I’ve been dreaming to use them for my personal life (if you don’t know her, I recommend reading all her posts on OKRs. She has some great reads on Medium and her personal site).

In my professional life I’ve encountered strategy setting with OKRs at different companies. At Springest, I’ve been using OKRs in different teams since 2014. They were a great help in aligning and…

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I help others to find their purpose and work like a start-up, using self organisation, Holacracy, GTD and OKRs —

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